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Little Boy Blue

Bob's a boy six foot three
Hair is black, eyes are green
His smile is broad, shoulders are too
Bob's nickname is "Little Boy Blue"

Bob's age is up for debate
Abandoned at birth and left to fate
His goal in life is to be set freed
For Bob has a criminal His-story

Bob started school when he was three feet high
Intelligent enough, but barely got by
Says he like to chase the little red ball
He's got game; he's quick and tall

Bob likes the girls and they like him too
It was a girl who named him "Little Boy Blue"
Says he likes to dance and ignite the girls
He's their object of affection; he gives them thrills

Bob likes to dress in exquisite style
Drives all the college girls wild
They all follow his trail to Rome
But only end up away from home

Bob likes to drive fancy cars
Visit his friends and hotel bars
Bob has never controlled his fate
Now he's behind a long steel gate

See Bob's game was basketball
A game for boys, big and tall
But one day boys grow into men
The road gets long and starts to bend

Bob had chances, but turned his back
His education, well, was a little lax
His goal to thrill women soon turned to shame
Women need men, not boys with game

Bob had friends who looked at books
Obeyed all the rules and stayed on the hook
They had fathers and set their goals
Their paths all led to a pot of gold

As fate would have it, Bob got derailed
He no longer could stay on the trail
There's no chance for a boy who plays games
To achieve in life, and achieve his fame

Bob ended up, the way he started
When his fame and women both departed
Alone again as at his birth
No one to love him, no one on earth

Bob took the life of an innocent man
That man, too was without a friend
Bob said that he needed the dope
His void was painful; he had no hope

Say a prayer for Bob, for he could be your brother
Could be the boy next door, or your daughter's lover
His face is black and mine is too
Remember his name is Bob or "Little Boy Blue."

Written by Ronald L. Salter


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