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It's That Time

It's that time, so let me get
the mood set with incense, slow
cd's and some candles lit
everything's prepared, I even have
rose pedals on the bedsheets
while I anticipate the moment
that our bodies meet

It's that time, and this is the day
when we express our love
during foreplay with carressing,
teasing, kissing, pleasing as
gentle touches make your body
shiver while I'm finding spots
that I know satisfaction will be
delivered and all that is heard
is sweet nothings being whispered
as we cater to each other's desires
with passion that burns like fire

It's that time, that we both
knew would come when both
our bodies are pressed together
in passion as one now noises
of pleasure are being made
while we find different positions
and new ways with our bodies
moving in perfect unity
as we both experience levels of
ecstasy It was that time, and it
was everything I thought it would be

Written By Sean Turner


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