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If only you weren't in a relationship
then with me all of your time
could be spent
I would treat you like the
most precious thing in the world
because that's the type of thing
that a true man like myself does for
his girl but things are the way they are
and all I can do is adore you from afar

If only you were single and looking
than that would put an end
to all my pursuing
for someone as loveable as yourself
for someone like you so I
wouldn't need anyone else
but hey, what can I do
you're taken and I have to accept
the fact that my dreams won't come

If only you weren't committed to
someone already
because I truly believe that
you're my destiny
I'm not the type to hate on another man
it's just that I guarantee you that
he can't treat you like I can
but you have to make your own decision
until then I'll be sitting, waiting,
and whishing

If only you weren't taken
there wouldn't be any hesiatation
I would approach you with sweet
nothings and compliments
and let you know that with me
is where you're meant
but the love you have is not for me
maybe it will be one day, hopefully

Written by Sean Turner


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