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Have You Ever Feltů

Have you ever felt as if your heart was a meager lump in your chest?
Eager to just shrivel up and die,
Find its resting place in a empty nest?

Have you ever felt like your all just wasn't good enough?
Like you work and you strive,
Only to find out your effort has been shattered no matter how tough?

Have you ever felt like you were so wrong you could never be right?
As if the clouds were falling from the sky like your the cause,
And everyone went after you with evil flight?

Have you ever felt like the ones you love don't love you as much?
You sacrifice day in and out to please that person of interest,
But they walk on your emotions with actions so relentless?

Have you ever felt as if you were all alone?
You could only sit in your room and sing a gruesome song
Tears pouring heart pounding, choked on words,
So unappreciated and torn. Unspoken words stolen

Written by Shanel Robinson


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