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Flying Solo, excelling and being ahead of the game is where you'll find me. I have a plan and a desire to be
the best that I can be, and as God as my witness I'll do just that. I don't have the time for fakers who pretend
to be friends just because you can see that I will be somebody. My name is shay and I'm a gift that can not
be used and mistreated, because when the grass is cut the snakes will show.

I will be judged by my character and just know that I am bound for greatness. At a time of my life I felt that
I was flying so low, because of my insecurities, but even past that I was higher than I could ever have
dreamed. Haters be on alert, because when I pass by they know that they wanna cry, because they see the
higher potential in me.

I am well educated and live the good life, black and beautiful, and i don't have the time to waste with the
ugliness thats in your heart. If you want me to fail then you are out of luck, because like the sun my future
is bright, so I am gonna shine like a star. I am faith based and won't compromise what I believe in to satisfy
your cravings. You can call me wisdom because my understanding and just judgments are unsurpassed. My
knowledge grows everyday with every step I make.

Though people have their doubts I am going to be the one that makes it out, I don't have to fake because
when you look at me and at them you know I stand out. I am not proud, but I am strong-willed and can't be
touched as if I had a spartans shield.

My name is shay and I am a gift, I can't be moved by every rift or shift in this life. I stand for what I believe
in, and live to be an example to all. My eyes are set on the prize influenced by the Most High. For you the
sky's the limit but on the moon is where my footprints be. I know my limit because there aint one.

If you see me know that my name is Shay, and if you didn't get anything else know that I'm a gift.

Written by Sharon Graves


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