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As I wake up and my day begins I find myself cursing the sun and yearning to see the moon
because then it is night when I lay down and forget the struggles of my day shutting my eyes
because I know you never fail me. There you are sitting in the park. A single red rose centered
on the blanket. Laid out are delicious snacks that we both enjoy. I saunter over pretending not to
notice and as we dine on our simple cuisine I gently rest my head on your shoulder and envision
safety. I feel your caress as you massage my shoulders and tension arises from fears and pain of
my past that quickly flash before my eyes at your touch. But then I remember it's you. My love,
my heart, my soul, my everything. I breathe deeply and let you massage away my pain as
Lauryn Hills song runs thru my mind. Strumming my pain with your fingers. We laugh, we
debated, we sat in silence but all the while smiling. I had to admit I was shocked when you sang
to me. Not only because your voice was that of an angel but the way you looked at me. As if I
was the only one you knew and ached to know better. I looked at you with the same passion as
you hummed those last few bars. Trying to send a message through my heart to say those three
words, I lo...Wait, where'd you go? And it felt like I had been hit with Tyson's fist when I realized
the sun was shining, smiling and mocking me. I had awaken to find that you were not there, Was
never there, Will never be there. However, I know your heart. That was a real connection and
one day I will get to know you.
My dream man.

Written by Sharon Graves


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