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Lost Lost Lost
so lost am I in this
thing called love
he takes my heart
and stores it away
sometimes though
he'll take it out to play
but i have
known for so long
what is needed from me
to end this thing
and just let him be

Tears Tears Tears
so many tears
from these brown eyes
not days; but years
I have put up with your lies
just so you could find
comfort in me but
not a care for the
comfort in we
Yes, We! were supposed to be
that couple
to fight the odds
of life
to live in this world
and love with our might
instead we just

Fight Fight Fight
swollen cheeks and eyes
from your blows
Why don't you love me
the world knows
that you
Give love only to take love
hit me and quit me
takin the very breath from me
I wasn't made for this
I don't wanna die for us
that night u drank smoked and cussed
me, your nubian queen
the one you called ur black goddess

but from where I am now
I see light
I have love
Though I left that world
to enter a new dimension
I found peace in this new life
though your piece took my first life

Written by Sharon Graves


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