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You will know

Beauty as you never seen it before
Makes you wonder
What does she mean?
Why is she here?
What does she stand for?
But if you look into her eyes
You will see

With many defined appeals
And a voice with words that comforts the soul
Confusing your mind
Making your obvious feelings appear
But if you really want to know the reasons
Listen to her closely
You will hear

Try to place together the pieces of puzzled emotions
But the parts don't fit
So you take them apart
You fail to realize the obvious
To know her variable emotions
You have to allow yourself to get close to her
So close you can move to her rhythms
Known as the beat
Of her heart

You wandered on to such a priceless treasure
When and how you got there is still unknown
Pictures play over and over in your mind
You look for the answer
That you can't seem to find
Introduce yourself to the most part of her being
Her mind
And let her in that place
You swore you would never let her go
And without a second thought
You will know

Written by Sheavonne A. Harris


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