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I'm thirsty
And I have been for a while
Do you have a drink I can sip on

What can you offer me
To tame my thirst
Something with a splash and cherries to burst

A drink we can share
You and I
Make sure it wets my lips and wont leave my throat dry

Can I have ice with my drink
I love the way the water drips
When it's melting on my tongue
How about a splash of lemon
A twist of lime
No glasses needed
Your hands are just fine

I'm so thirsty
And I just want more
Why can't it be just like a rain shower
And just pour

It taste so good
And it makes me want to just beg
I'm so busy being greedy
I didn't even notice
I had spilled my drink
Now it's running down my leg

Written by Sheavonne A. Harris


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