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A strong back

                I need a strong back to lean
                And a strong back to hold
                Something I can cuddle up with
                In the winter when it's cold
                I need a strong back to carry me
                When I'm tired and don't want to walk
                A back I can caress with my fingertips
                On those late nights when we talk
                I need a strong back of any shade
                Caramel, mocha or mahogany tone
                A back that I can grab and embrace
                On those days when he's making me moan
                A back so hard and firm
                A bodily form to drive me insane
                A back that moves and grooves to my rhythms
                And make me scream his name
                I need a strong back with rapid motions
                Giving me pleasant sighs
                A back that's not afraid to commit to the task
                And loves to be interlocked in my thighs

Written by Sheavonne A. Harris


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