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A Pavonine Truth

I ain't never left this town
       but it's like I been around the world
Ain't never left this one lil town
       but I might as well have been round the world.
Yeah, you know the streets
       can put a hurt on just about any young girl.

Good lovin love
       can put you in a lot of pain.
I know it's funny peoples,
       but good love do cause pain.
Make a woman wonder
       when her man say, let's try it again.

       Some men call me sister,
       some, the queen of the earth,
       the bearer of all life.
       But what really would groove me is my sweet man
       callin me his woman, his wife.

Life put a hurt on you
       only one thing you can do.
When life put the hurt on you
       not but one thing a po chile can do.
I just stand on my hind legs and holla
       just let the sound carry me on through.

       Take yo self to get self togetha
(ain't it funny though that it
       Take a woman to make anotha one pretty
       but take a man to make the beauty shine true.
       Baby, you gots to keep on lovin me:
       My natchal life be dependin on you.

Written by Sherley Anne Williams (1944-1999)


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