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Strong Nubian Queen

A strong, black, Nubian queen, yea that's me,
Yet the wounds of my heart are so deep, my shit still continues to bleed
I never imagined this would happen to me, no not the fucking queen
Because I am the guardian of my temple and I hold the key to my own damn heart
So I thought..

Until love captured my soul and took my ass on a serious journey
Yea, I was floating on cloud nine.
He wined, dined and made me feel like all the time in the world with him was all mine.
We shared intimate secrets about our lives as we lay in each other arms and made love all night.
His kisses and his touch were so intense I yearned to feel his presence inside me.
My body would tremble with every stroke ...yes he was fulfilling all my damn needs

This man had my heart and now he was holding the key
He told me I was his only lover but little did I know that his ass was
cheating with another.
I always heard love was blind but damn somewhere in the midst of my journey
I must have closed my eyes.
How could this happen to me, not this Nubian queen.
Yea, he said I'm sorry I 'll never do it again but it was too late my heart was broken this shit had to end.

The game he played was so sweet and smooth if I gave him a second chance I'd be a damn fool.
Now I have taken back the key cause this brotha doesn't deserve the love of this priceless jewel.
A strong black Nubian queen, yea that's what you see
I am a survivor but this shit called love, just aint for me.

Written by Sherry Thurman


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