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"God Doesn't Make Mistakes"

Psalms 34:17

I keep reliving the moment
when I found out the sad news
Shay said, "Aunt Bina's gone"
but wait, where were the clues?
In my mind, I'm replaying over and over
the order of last week's events
I stutter when I think of you
because I just can't refer to you in the past tense.
I wanted to take you on a vacation
and never bring you back
I've never lost anyone this close before
I don't even know how to act.
I rushed through that week
with so many things to do
now my biggest regret
is not spending more time with you.
I'll savor your smile
and let your memories comfort me somehow
sometimes we're so consumed in our own lives
but everything seems so unimportant to me now.
You did so much for others
without hardly a bother
now you're resting in heaven
with your natural and spiritual father.
You were in a lot of pain
filling prescription after prescription
and it's comforting to know that
God delivers the righteous from their affliction.
It would mean almost nothing
for a million hearts to break
because the truth truly hurts that
"God Doesn't Make Mistakes".

Written by Shinita Freeman


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