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How Can I Be Me…Without You?

It's like a perfectly spun spider's web
that's somehow come undone
something like a hot summer's day
only without the sun.

…Like trying to salvage something
that does not want to be saved
so how can the largest ocean in the world
not have a single wave?

…Like a sunrise at the beach
without the early morning breeze
like a mountain without a peak
or a forest without trees.

…Like Spring without flowers
the seasons come and go
imagine Autumn without leaves
and Winter without snow.

…Like being defeated in the championship round
and having to start all over again
so how can a tornado be a tornado
without a strong gust of wind?

Nothing is what it used to be
or will ever be the same
I have to bite my tongue
as my heart calls out your name.
It isn't easy to watch three years
of your life go down the drain.

I've invested my entire life savings
in an unfortunate series of events
now I struggle to explain the unexplainable
things that will never ever make sense.

It's still hard even though
I already know what I have to do
so how does it rain without water?
How can I be me…without you?

Written by Shinita Freeman


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