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Addicted to Heartbreak

I picked my poison
yes, I chose it all
now I'm shaking uncontrollably
I'm going through withdrawal.
Addicted to the impulse
my whole life revolved with him
now I struggle day to day
to get him out of my system.
I'm afraid because I'm alone in the dark
with my private thoughts
these feelings are things
that years of schooling never taught.
I'm a smart woman
so there's no one else to blame
I must have a case of amnesia
because I keep going back down memory lane.
I've been on this road before
but I never ever learn
because I hopelessly try to rebuild
the bridge between us that's been burned.
I go completely insane without him
I can't make it on my own
I've become a different person
abandoned every value I'd always known.
My life is like a mirror
that's been thrown and shattered
because I stopped caring about
everyone that once mattered.
And I relapse
every time I hear his voice
my drug of choice.

Written by Shinita Freeman


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