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Allowed Not Allowed

Not allowed kindness or light of day,
Not allowed to touch anything ever again,
Not guilty of any crime or man set sin,
Not allowed to have love or human dignity.

Allowed to breath, but what's the use?
Allowed to see, but what would I want to see?
Allow to talk, but who can I talk to?
Allowed to stand, but why should I?

Not allowed to have honor, or any fun,
Allowed to walk, but I can never again run!
Not allowed to see my kids, but why not?
Allowed to laugh, but why should I?

Not allowed to drive, but I "can" drive!
Not allowed to work, but I can work!
Allowed to sleep, but in an unkempt bed!
Allowed to eat, but can I eat what I choose?

Not allowed to be the strong Black man I am!
Not allowed to walk America free.
Allowed to hear, but all I hear is pain.
Allowed to live, but not allowed to be me!

Allowed to see women, their beauty, their gentleness,
Not allowed to know their feminine touch and freshness ...
Allowed to hear land of the brave, home of the free ...
Not allowed even the most basic whiffs of human decency

Allowed to be your hate: burned, butchered, persecuted,
Not allowed to be seen - hidden, so I can't show your injustice,
Allowed to be American: solider, patriot, gentle light, Christian,
Not allowed to be a Black American, with simple Human Rights!

Now all I allowed to be is America's only slave!

Written by ShyPoet1


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