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They Call Me Black And I Am Proud Of It

Aren't pyramids in Africa?
If so, weren't they built
by people with black skin?
I'm told there is a great dream
but, why should I learn about a history
that won't put food in my Black hand?

I'm told a mighty highway
was built with learning and books
for a proud Black civilization
of inventors and educators,
but someone has hidden these pages
from school children with dreams
to hide what is expected of them
to keep the wealth from everyday man.
Aren't the dark ages of slavery - here today?

Why should I learn
about a once great Black people:
Frederick Douglas and W.E.B. DuBois
Malcolm X and Rosa Parks
and the good Dr. King
and many other African Kings and Queens
beyond bright black robes and hats?
They can't find this Black man a job?

Why do they call me Black,
and steal my ancestry and identity
from library bookshelves? ...
Why do they call me Black
and use slavery tricks, lies,
and Gestapo tactics
to train my own Black people
to try to stomp and chop
me down to smithereens? ...

Why are there some Black people
telling of Black-brainwashing,
while other new Blacks
and other races of people
are riding our black broken backs,
then helping to drug and cheat
our people down to oblivion? ...

Why are those old history
books and stories so important to you
when I can't get decent medical care
and when my babies are wondering
where we will live and sleep tonight?

Once we were African Kings and Queens
now aren't we just
puppets on a string
the black crow is flying,
death is in the house,
death is no longer just a dream,
and Malcolm X's motto has been stolen
by race haters - "by any means necessary"
is their new motto
to keep the Black man beaten down ...
So our people no longer dare to dream?

When will my people learn
the struggle is not outside, its within?
It's a self-defeating African American family
trained to hate and abuse itself
by those who know control and fear
will keep our race divided,
and that, if you kill the Black family,
you crush the African American dream.

I say we need an
African American Flag in America
A flag of what we may someday become
so our children
and others will know
where we came from,
what we stand for,
and what we are actually made of.
And we should fly that flag
high in winds proud and strong beneath silver stars!

Written by ShyPoet1


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