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Misbehaving - Belly of the Beast

Amazingly, I find myself
Abandoned, given up for dead
Chained in the lion's fifthly den
Sick, and sicker soon enough
Not a sinner ---
Not guilty of anything ---
Just one humble family man
In the wrong place at the wrong time
Now I'm facing my ultimate fleshy Hell
An offering to the Whores of Darkness
Who delight in tearing me to pieces, and then
By consuming me in small, painful,
And hopefully, tasty bites.

In this Unholy prison,
This weird Forrest with human beast
This place that has no hope -- none
This place with walls of blood and flesh
I have no Godly place to go!
No room for redemption!
No justice! No one to cling to!
And worst! No one to talk to about Truth!
There's no use clawing on these stone walls
Satin threw too many obstacles in my path
There's no use of screaming
I'm already knocking on Heaven's door
So I just kneel on both knees, -- and pray.

I am totally confused, angry
Raw here and now, -- life and agony
Philistine reality, of modern fate of mortal men
Has caught me in this temple of wicked dreams
Where even the bravest of men --- cry for God
I'm lying on this cold damp floor of misery
A Spell! A Curse! An Unkind Trick!
A Brief Decision by the Whores of Darkness
Has with Satin approval --- Been Cast!

Where only light can calm these deadly miscreants
Destiny has marked me
Sentenced me
Condemned me
Rubbed and filled me bleak
As a prize for the egos of today's sin.

Demons are Misbehaving,
In a dark, unkempt, and damaged place
The belly of the Beast
Torn by too much reality, this grief
Flesh on flesh, -- Pain! Can only bleed and stink

I rush through huge cracks in my brain
Like a struggling rat trying to exit
An endless maze that has no doors
Searching for an outer sanctum of sweet release
I'm breast stroking furiously
In the acid belly, of this slimy beast -
I am nearly devoured,
So tired, so tired
So all alone
Put to a final sleep.

I have no expectations
Of Humanity
Of men and menions of greed
_$$$$$_ Grab Grab Grab _$$$$$_
Of crazy people with no faith
_$$$$$_ Give Me Give Me Give Me _$$$$$_
Of liars who just look good
Claiming to be Gods on Planet Earth
Then cheat, and steal, and kill
They are scratching to attain a final goal ...
More Pennies ---
To fill their coffin limousines to Hell.
But you! My dark despicable ushers,
You can't buy Heaven ...
Nobody ever has!

As I stand here, I see
Nothing to look forward to
No way to crawl to safety
No future hope intertwined in me
I have -- No where to go
And yet, when I pray
When I look to Heaven
I still believe
I still have my rare faith
I still love my God
And I pray, He still loves me
As I walk through Heaven's Gate.

Ah! All those deceitful Senators
All those wasted souls
All those cheering sinners
Squatting. smirking, hallucinating lunatics ---
Addicted to a drug called mass murder ...
Enjoying every bloody massacre, --
Every indiscriminately slaughter --
On the Whitewashed floors of a pillared coliseum
Didn't these Whores of (instinctive) Darkness
Know Whores can't swim or dance
In God's Light and Love
As madness consumes them whole
An epiphany is evident
Manifested in my broken chains
It reveals that I'm treading in His Love,
Freed in God's Light
I am saved!

Holy Waters of God's Power
Carry me safely home -
Finally ... to a divine tranquility
Finally ... to a place gladiators (soldiers of God)
Have no reason to fear or seek an exit gate
A remedy unforeseen, and yet, God's Reality!

Written by ShyPoet1


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