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Welcome Back Josephine Lillie Mae Gann

Welcome back Josephine Lillie Mae Gann
Some said with spring, you'd come home again .
Welcome back my dearest Josephine Lillie Mae Gann
You are just in time, to witness spring's passionate lures enticing.

Jackson Leroy Redman said, "Lillie Mae will never stay,
Our Lillie, "Silly Mae" Gann, with distant passage, shall always stray .
She hides a myriad of silent, stormy lies in many naughty, silly, frilly ways,
Silly Mae Gann nudges this mischievous mendacity called life to play!"

A gregarious mockingbird landed on silly Lillie Mae Gann's widow seal
It sang a marvelous song, hoping "Silly Mae" Lillie Mae Gann would heal
But, "Silly Mae" Lillie Mae's dreams have fled too painful and bled too real .
They're aberrantly fed in a red shed, where the Missouri River lies and bends .

"Silly Mae Gann, where have you been stirring, all these vivacious vivid days?"
Lillie Mae says, " In Arizona's hot soothing sands have funny sunny ways."
In Colorado Springs, Lillie Mae walked red crimson, clay hills all day.
In Nevada, Lillie got chills, and then gambled her inheritance heritage away.

Silly Mae Gann hitchhiked through the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone
Lillie Mae Gann bought a car and drove Yosemite and Utah alone
Her Seattle and Oregon memories are long forgotten and longer gone .
You see Josephine "Silly Mae" Lillie Mae Gann was wiser, but still alone.

Montana's smiling moon jumped over a lean dark mountain rise -
To "Silly Mae" Lillie Mae Gann, it was no shock or surprise .
To know life, study my Lillie Mae's dark haunting eyes .
"Welcome home, I'm thrilled your road led back to me, my darling," I sighed.

Written by ShyPoet1


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