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A Poet's Heart Opens Doors

A man, a latent fruit had bitten hard -
His red lips bled tangy juice,
Yet, he keeps not scars and surplus skin
Yes, alas, a door appears .

For in sweet, sweet nectar, - bitter remains
Know a poet's heart opens doors .
It is there bold-poets will defy everything
And pluck a worthwhile dream from a flame.

I brought you here to share my dreams .
I hope you can taste their sweet fruit .
If not, I'll pluck your barren hearts,
And fling them long and hard, - away!

I made you sigh, you must know why .
Its for my love of life and perfect sonnet .
Resist me and my triumphant verse,
And even that, will succumb to time .

Go ahead and mock my verse .
Curse and rant my divine lines too .
I'll read The Raven and write a happy rhyme,
And defy you, and even offended time .

Brood not of things long gone past
In fall's garden, even flowers and lovely dies .
Yet, come wake and come again my friends -
Flowers in the bag, shall bloom into fancy gardens.

Silent goes insipid and un-poetic souls
Along the barefoot barren shore .
Yet, read they can, the rousing wave
And compel splendid, sunlit seas to sing .

Written by ShyPoet1


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