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Mortal Enemy Farewell

You loved me, I know, in your own way.
You cared ... I'm sure, if I lived or died.
You were confused -- bewildered and stunned,
When I said that you were my mortal enemy.

A great battle raged, sinners slept at my bloody feet -
Ravaged was my benevolent spirit, with the sting of war -
Pierced by darkness, overflowed rivers of my loving soul in distress,
Standing alone, I was: betrayed, abandoned, misled, confused ...

Bowed was my sorrowful head ... in your rebellious hands.
Did you not deceive me?
Abandoned me on the battle field?
Didn't you tell my enemies, where I kept my sword?

You lied! Got me to bear my soul to you. Smiled!
You knew all those things, buried in the fortress of me -
You, - my dark usher, told my clever enemy, all my secrets.
Blinded were my eyes ... taut were my wailing chains of hell.

As I fell dead - gone from Earth's sour realm -- You cried!
Floating up, I wanted to leave; to go where a man is totally free!
But God in his wisdom ... put me back; he told me to fight on ...
On the front line ... I fought all alone, I thought perhaps - forever more.

Your kind of love - no one needs ... a fleshy poisoned apple -
Contentment is being a dove flying over a mountain top - without you,
Charity is standing as a shepherd's fool, looking down on your lying ways -
The Valley of Peace of Mind - is where you are not ... my mortal enemy.

Life shines with release, from the island of your destructive love.
Joy is to fellowship with true friends, in a temple with no betrayal,
My sanctuary is an ocean vessel floating on a sea filled with truth ...
My brothers and sisters - are those who lift me up, up up ...

My family walks with me on cobblestone roads of conflict ...
My friends are those, who find my sword, and bring it to me ...
You are my strength, if you stand on the path and light my way ...
I shall live in a village, built by protectors of unwavering support ...

Written by ShyPoet1


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