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Second Chance for a God-Fearing Man

Sometimes God Gives Us A Second Chance At Life

Upon His sacred soil I still stand.
I am a living testament of His bless'd hand.
For so many times, I have almost died,
And floated carefree over His oceans, seas and land,
And as I floated on His beloved Heaven-sent clouds,
I rode His wind, I touched His stars, I drifted free,
And as I drifted boldly there,
Two beautiful lights they comforted me.
They rocked me lovingly on His weightless mist
And warmed my heart with God's tender kiss.
I felt so good I dared not leave,
Only to be given a bless'd second chance -
To prove to Him I am a God-fearing man.
Now and forever I will always be
Desiring to make Him proud of me.
Hope I depart this passing place
Touched by His bless'd loving grace....

Written by ShyPoet1


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