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Black Hearts

Solemnly serious, seething surface of the sun
Fallacious fiery rogue, patronizing friend to man
Proof-positive, reveals your primitive, scorching state
Brutally deceptive, and bent - blocking a golden sun.

That familiar game that is played with a mouse
Those playful kittens, who once seems so nice
That cat-like thing ... that is like a blazing sun
That's unexpectedly beautiful, even desired ... until it burns.

That shocking movement of your cat-like eyes ...
Incensed, irate, ... that severed trust ... that therein lies,
That pure hate, ... that's personal and cloaked in false masks -
That stalking movement, brutality - that's so ready to pounce.

We worked and played like best friends,
Shared a gleaming sun, --- it one day dried ...
Befriend each other, --- it one day lied, then cried ...
Merciless serpents playing in sunlight - with black hearts.

If truth is beauty, is beauty truth?
Outside beauty shines and shimmers ...
Inside it may be a dark dominion, spiteful, twisted -
Bent and unaware, blinded by the fury of a black sun.

You nibble on the mouse, until it died -
It's just another step in your power game ...
You waited for another prey, in a sainted setting sun,
Black hearts, black souls, awaiting a black-pitted destiny.

Just pretty illusions playing in houses of respectability
Outside you look good, perhaps, even cute
Inside you are vicious, sneaky, and perhaps, - even deadly,
True predators - doing what comes so naturally - pounce.

Intensely moral, when you're exposed to the public eye
Incessantly hypocritical, hiding behind closed doors
Strutting and gliding in expensive clothes and cars
Later, dumping kittens on the sides ... of sunny roads.

Always looking for any reason to hate
Black hearts, never finding any reason to love
Thinking you are powerful, superior, and the best ...
Beating someone down, ... heroes, arrogant Black Hearts.

They say, "That beauty is just skin deep!
They say, "You can never tell what men are thinking."
But, I say, "Black Hearts have no special glow!"
Sunshine is inhibited, - shielded by Black Hearted clouds.

Slayers of Black Hearts, will exceed their quotas ...
So narrow is The Gate ... so straight is The Path
So wrought with temptations - is their journey home
So sorrowful is the misplaced state of lying Black Hearts.

Written by ShyPoet1


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