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Say Something

On my extraordinary island of existence, I see no justice.
Where evil grows unchallenged, I witness no mercy.
Here, we must make our stand ... , boldly praying ...
Amidst insufferable resistance, say something to help man ...
Stand unafraid, unyielding, rush to humanity with embrace
Do something, be somebody, and you will live proud forever.

In this desolate desert of life, sand seems to go on forever.
Wild tumbleweeds and black scorpions do not seek justice.
They exist in simplicity; this simplicity we seldom embrace.
Desperately seek all we can grab, but we seldom seek mercy.
We seek a garden oasis, then we destroy it in the name of man.
We find a phenomenal view, only to forget kneeling and praying.

On this vast ocean of us, we bend our knees praying,
Hoping our good fortune will last now and forever.
With disaster, we stand as the world's biggest crying man.
We beg for God to bless us, and then ask why there's no justice.
We will do anything to float in glory, only to forget about mercy.
Tidal waves of unbelievable pain, hold us in deadly embrace.

In my sunny valley, beauty visits for us to embrace ...
Many carpets of beauty soothe us while we are praying.
Wild animals in my sun-filled valleys, need our mercy.
We sing with song birds and honey bees now and forever,
Until we demolish them to build towers of uneven justice.
Stand for sanity, stand for forgiveness, stand and help a man.

In huge cities of confusion, we pray for the soul of man ...
We pray for a wonderful cause which we can embrace,
Drugs and crime speak of our hunger for simple justice -
Mothers try to protect their young babies by praying,
They pray to repel all evil now and forever,
But cold concrete jungles, never speak of mercy.

In my land of raging fever, why can't we find mercy?
Why can't our leaders find a way to help a man?
Will we be confused about who we are, now and forever?
Will we find a day, when we hold faith in close embrace?
Will we learn, being a Christian means more than just praying?
Will we ever learn, we must fight relentlessly for justice?

Stand aside, or stand for justice, stand with mercy,
Say something helpful after praying, ... praying man
Shout! Virtuous man! Stand in His loving embrace ..., forever!

Written by ShyPoet1


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