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Destination Oblivion

Oblivion is the calm sea in which we seek;
Inequity is a global lifeboat, where we sway;
So many under currents, sweeping us away,
Lost at sea, turbulent is this life, never meek.

The course is hard, unknown these paths ...
Violently rages these stormy places,
Unpredictable are our oceans, seas, mortal races ...
Batten down the hatches, secure these frenzied crafts.

Forever, weeping, melting ... on sandy shores
Powerfully pushes this delirious, grinding mouth,
Perhaps, this chameleon swallows us North and South -
Perishing these tiny specks: mankind - with fluid, ebbing roars.

Never breaks this churning weight and flow,
Savage seas, drowning this savage pain,
Naughty is this voyage home, pours suffering rain ...
Brutally indispensable: a destructive flood, this show.

Destiny is a tragic tide in which ... we wildly ride,
Life is a glacial ocean of criticism ... where we hide,
Time is a dubious finale in which ... we inevitably abide,
Oblivion is mooned course, manipulating our restless tides.

Written by ShyPoet1


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