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Sick, silent, slept sly revenge in a dark cave
Subtle, somber, certain, slithered men in a rave
Pompously prudish, pushed pride in a cage
Phony, poured prissy puritans in a pessimistic age
Blind, brazen, bashed revenge in a bubbling fit
Bold, barren, bounced men in a lot of sh*t
Cold, cruel, cruised a curse of pure pride
Common, casual, cautioned death - no place to hide!
Ugly, uninvited, unfurled Judas's Kisses misbehaved
Unaware, uncaring, urged man hungry and depraved
Jaded gibberish, joked cowards of their pale victory
Jumping with joy, jousted justice, contradictory
Long laughed the stain of sour, sullen, sharp lies
Long lingered mothers, trying to dry their eyes
Foaming, frequently, flashed fevers fervently fast
Forever, funky, dashed hope that didn't last
Hallow, hopeless, hung hate waiting to kill
Heaped in dishonor, hit homicide for the thrill
Absolute, angry, retaliated victims with disdain
Ha! Always arcane, atrocious - accelerates angry pain!

Written by ShyPoet1


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