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From the Ruins Appeared a Dove

Stubbornly puristic,
A Zen Warrior mystic,
Raged in Samurai's land of the rising sun.
Praying for all the men he'd killed -
This warrior so skilled,
Searched for thunder, perfection, and fun.

With his friendly sword: Trigger,
His heart grew much bigger,
And finally, he met his enduring love.
Revenge became bless'd light,
With her, he prayed every night,
And from his ruins appeared a dove!

Long lasted his bliss,
Perfection was in her soft kiss,
So he named his only son Thunder.
Thunder like lightening,
Became feared and frightening,
With Trigger he slashed fun asunder.

Beneath Japan's moonlit sky,
An Evil Swordsman did try,
To kill our brave Samurai outright!
Thunder was somewhere playing,
And everyone was saying,
Run Zen Warrior. Run! Run all night!

Time and time again,
Courage breaks anxiety's chain,
Of evil and all sin in evil's wide domain.
Honor was still rising,
Zen Warrior was still surprising,
He killed the demon in hard, cold rain.

Perfection is the beholder,
You'll learn that if you grow older ...
Remember a fighting Samurai Son.
If you ask the Zen Warrior about fun,
He'll say, "I had a zillion and a ton -
Perfection is a journey that's never done."

Written by ShyPoet1


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