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Woman Identified

She was a woman in a world of men -
Bright, smart, something sweet within -
Strong, sensational, woman spectacular -
Living in a cruel world of manly vernacular.

When long minutes became hours, days, years,
Of disappointment and pain wrought with tears,
Soft skin, sensual, yet with a fountain of courage inside,
Abide by men's rules, and soon there'll be nowhere to hide.

Instincts guided her womanly femininity,
Beauty personified - is her awesome identify,
Outwardly she walked a thorny path of delight,
Inside she is dying, torn apart by man's deep bite.

I saw woman cry last night, mistreated, disenchanted,
Special oh yes, but often taken rudely, and for granted,
Waiting alone, hoping for satisfaction, exposed as she poses,
She needs jazzy melodies of life, and to whiff fresh cut roses.

Mother, teacher, sister, friend, lover, rib to man,
Set beneath man by a screwed-up ancient laid plan,
Dealing with life the best she can, strong woman fine,
I hope you find a man, who'll cherish you like an aging wine.

Written by ShyPoet1


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