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Two hot, passionate, sweaty bodiez,
the shade of ebony,
intertwined and twisted,
in the various shapes of intimacy,
experiencin' intense ecstasy,
before penetration...

In an incense-scented room,
tastin' a tease of passion,
guaranteed satisfaction,
as our bodiez ignite,
within burnin' candlelights...

As I anoint u all over,
using the sweetest oilz
milky, erotik creamz oooze
from deeply within the pores
of yo' vaginal innerwallz...

Takin' it 2 the highest level,
where we reach our eventual,
sensual, orgazmik peak,
our fluidz leak,
as french vanilla creme
drip down yo' deliciouz,
black, ebony thighz...

Lickin' u all over,
makin' a sticky sound
as my tongue meets yo' clit,
lickin' the lusciouz lips,
that spillz yo' slippery juices,
as u squeeze yo' deliciouz
thighz, tightly 2gether 2
secrete more,
yo' entire body I explore,
in this erotik endeavor,
makin' this full-body
experience last 4ever,
bringin' our mindz, bodiez,
and soulz 2gether,
in passion,
experiencin' multiple orgazmz,
in this passionate taste
of foreplay...

Written by SoulPoet


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