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"Inspiration of Blackness…"

I am what I am and what I am is an inspiration of blackness
My father before me was king
So as heir to the throne I am a prince
I am the powerful words spoken from the mouth of Malcolm X
Dr. Kings dream lives on through me
I am born with the same cockiness, style, and grace that was a part of Muhammad Ali
Therefore I rumble young man, rumble. Eyes can't hit, what your eyes can't see
I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
My skin is ebony
Through my veins flows the blood of a slave
So while I may only watch ROOTS
It's like I can still feel their pain
The lashes from the whips and the shackles of the chain
And on my beautiful dark skin the heat from the blistering sun
So with the soul of 1000 slaves before me I choose to defy my Maser and run
Escaping via the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD kissing Ms. Harriet Tubman for she
has allowed me to see freedom.
I take time out to thank Mr. Abraham Lincoln because his EMANCIPATION
PROCLOMATION DOCUMENTATION is partly the reason that I can pledge allegiance
The stubbornness of Ms. Rosa Parks touches my heart every time I board a bus I look to
the back then sit down in the first seat up front
Minister Farrakhan brought a million black men in one place without the threat of
violence when it was said that it couldn't be done
We revolutionized positions in a game, which was made for us not to play
We wear our hair in cornrows, and braids still won MVP of the NBA
We created a generation of music and were told that it was merely a fad there was no way
the hip hop would last; or at least that's what they said
I am a combination of that hip-hop, and great leaders both past and present
My people lets raise our children to continue on in this inspiration of blackness.

Written by StarChild


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