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"Musical Interprations of Romance…"

Come on home with me
There's a meeting in my bedroom and baby you've been invited
We can start with one but, I've got 12 plays to get you excited
Look boo I own a pet pony it's well trained
It won't hurt I promise so did you want to ride it?
You told me that you had dreams that one day you juswannasing well here's a
microphone I won't talk baby I'll juslissen
Damn baby your beauty is amazing.
With brown skin to blend with those pretty brown eyes
Your "body" has got me feenin so tell me can a tender roni, stand the the rain
I got an idea boo let's bump and grind to slow jams or dance too close then we can
make that honey love
I wonder could it be opposites engaged in caramel kisses while in room 112
So why don't we fall in love so we can start making love while outside the summer rain
hits the window.
Go ahead and soak in the Jacuzzi baby while I get you some cake and ice cream
Shit the way you make me feel maybe I deserve to lace you with that diamond ring
You taste so good sort of reminds me of peaches and cream
I'm only one man boo but, to please you I'll commit to doing all those freaky things
So after the Jacuzzi baby tease me with your t-shirt and panties on
Your ex can't love you like I love you
Now that you're single I should be your number 1 fan
Fuck it let's step it up a little I should be your boyfriend
So show me all the places to kiss you
I wanna taste your candy rain
I did all this for you boo to the point it's hard to explain see this ain't no ordinary love
It's more than just knocking boots
This is love in slow motion, so cheers to you
This is a romance that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Written by StarChild


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