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You are the American Dream
You make a poor man rich and a rich man poor
Before I knew you I use to supply you to the fiends of society

You are Cocaine, dopegame
Sugarcaine, bloodrush

Then one day I tried you and since then I've been a victim
Now instead of a supplier, I'm a buyer to your addiction
Your taste is so sweet plus, the fact that you numb my brain
I feel no pain you only provide me with pleasure

You are Cocaine, dopegame
Sugarcaine, bloodrush

When I'm with you I'm high and I look upon the world different
Sometimes taking you feels so good I get that shivering feeling
When I'm without you I'm sick and I need your healing
C'mon give me a hit so I can get out this fetal position
You got me on a mission
Feining for that buzz
The funny shit about it is baby you're really not even a drug
Your presence is my addiction that's so strong and your sexuality is the sweetness that
has me so sprung

You are cocaine, dopegame
Sugarcaine, bloodrush

Written by StarChild


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