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Will You Fight 4 me

When you look at me is it love
Am i someone worth your life
When you look at me do you cherish me to the point it can melt away the hatred he/she causes in your eyes
Am i the embodiment of you
Shall i be the center of your life's work
Am i worth the laboring, chastising and love that a child deserves
Would you implement structure that teaches me order
Will you teach me authority and its structure can be paid forward
Is my education in and out of school your priority
I won't fight an adult if you'd stand in front of me
May i have your permission to be a child until its time to be an adult
If so can i depend on you to do all the grown people stuff
I will make mistakes and catch attitudes sometimes will you set me straight
I call you Mommy which is the heart God in the eyes of a child
I call you you Daddy which is the God like protector in the eyes of a child
Would yall stop fighting for the sake of how i would see myself
Will you teach me how to be honest and loyal which I'm told is right
If you can agree I'd say I'm blessed to have you as parents
because EVERY SINGLE DAY you show me I'm worth the fight

Written by Chris Starr


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