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My Spirit

there is so much in me that moves daily
i often mediate to dictate the movements in my space
life is a realm given by God we all have a part to play
know that you mean much to me more than ink can say
i think of you often and carry you in my spirit this day
i don't get to see you or hear your voice as much as desired
laying staring at the stars hoping i am what you require
thinking only to rise with a confidence unexplained
i think of you often and carry you in my spirit this day
within this time i long for your presence embrace and face
there is a warmth and calmness to my universe that you bring
causing gratitude beyond words and mind
i wish to continue to feel you in my lifetimes
i'm not sure how this will register with you once read
however i have to believe that you will appreciate what my heart has said
though physically absent I am loyal to your realm unconditionally
i carry you in my spirit and this has happened naturally
praying my truth will bring you closer with each day
i trust my heart and i do so without any delay
even when you are away and out in the world i feel you near
please tell me the manifestation of my heart & soul you can feel
i wouldn't be surprise if you know this but the confession of my heart i cannot hide
i carry you is there in my spirit you reside.

Written by Chris Starr


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