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Mount Everest woman

mount everest woman
crushed a heart
perplexed and bewildered
she shred it apart
thru fog of valor
the target amist
she fired the cannon
burst iron to twist
intentions to scare
not really a kill
turned warning a horror
a demise for a will
the heart learned
miles of lesson from this
perpetual meaning
of love not a kiss
three words a gospel
not always in speech
mount Everest woman
loved not as did teach
her growth as a mountain
to heart now a hill
no longer a slayer
able to kill
heart climbed
a mountain much
higher than her
with precious unlimited
stones she incurs
perpetual meaning
of love is a kiss
no mountain has ever
been better than this
three words a gospel
eternal in speech
no mountain is higher
or easier to reach

Written by Steven Cropper


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