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Lost souls

A city lost
City like a bowl
Priceless life at a cost
Lost souls
Shelter of last resort
Ha ha more like the jungle of distort
And respect u think they were taught
The superdome
Lost souls
Food, water, the nesseitities of life
We had none, and he, shoe shopping with his wife
The busses are coming, there's a boat waiting, line up
To roll out, lies and garbage, desperate men ready to
Strike. Lost souls
Line up 32 hrs, no sleep, no food, water, bathroom
Children in shock, women on the edge, men ready to break,
Babies dieing, and still the lying.
Standing on mounds of trash, nats eating at our skin
Saying to myself, I don't need to die, this is hell I'm in
Lost souls
The evacuation, is a drop off
Left to fend for yourself in a place all anew
No family, no friends, what did I do what could it have been
To be put in this place in life, you give me $10,000 for
What you say I built in a lifetime, no not mine what I have built is
Priceless, culture, education, my own language, my own music, my own
beat.You say this is worth $10,000, well I don't want it, I have something
worth more than you can give to me. We'll pay there rent, there black and
ignorant, they don't know any better. Lost souls
What about my grandmother who helped build this place, my mother who
helped create it's culture, me who helped to create the language, my children
that urn for its education.
You through us a bone and pretty it up for the nation. $100 million to rebuild
the Superdome, Not one low-income apartment complex yet, not one letter
to say we have a plan for you to find your way home. Not one check from
that money donated by all those artist. The Mayor, Governor, Police Chief,
Lost Souls.
We as people, without education, strength, wisdom and a helping hand for
one another

Written by Shanequa Stevenson


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