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Tha baddest woman u eva seena
Tears through tha street
Quicker than tha burnin heat
Heat of a silva bullet
Now we all gotta deal with this shit
Tha baddest storm in tha land
So bad a man can't even stand
Stand tha thrust of her blow
Blowing wind
Tearing through tha city of sin
Shes meaner than tha
Boogeyest of man
Scarier than ur worst nightmare
And yet u sit and stare
Stare at the people who survived
I'm a sirvivor
Looking at us with amazement in your eyes
Why that look
You shook about tha beatin took
We been taking beating all our lives
Poor, addicted, oppressed, and defeated
By the man, telling all those lies
Help is on tha way
Still people die day after day
National guardsmen stand
Guns drawn
Bullets ready to land
Land on tha survivors of
I'm a survivor
Tha worst disaster in American History
Now I'm part of history twice
Once for being black and fighting tha great fight
Twice for being tha survivor I am
Surviving tha experiment to kill
Tha black man
I'm a survivor
Tha violent cleansing of a path
I got tha meaning from the bible
If you must ask
FEMA giving
Giving what they call assistance
Can you assist in
Explaining to tha children
What happened to our home mommy
The white man is building a mall on it honey
What happened to my family, friends, grandma, and teachers
They were all shifted around tha country
Like creatures
The New Orleans people are tearing up things from place to place
And you wonder why these people act this way
Watching from the windows of your jets and
While we were living in hell and dieing like dogs
You were in Camp David or with Condalezza at tha mall
See it's not the people you should fault
It's tha DAMN explosion that blew tha levees apart
What levees
The one in tha ninth ward
Flooded the heart
Heart of tha city that is
Tha place where families raised there kids
Generations grew
And on every corner there was someone u knew
Took thousands of lives
She was tha last thing they
Seen ya
Ya know
Tha last breath
They took
As her winds shook
Shook the roofs off their homes
Left praying lord
I ain't ready to come home
Now you want to
A city that you vision
What about the vision
Of tha citizens
What about what we built with our bare hands
What about tha streets that
Taught that boy to be a man
Our land
The New Orleanians
We should build it back
The way we want it
After all it's all your fault
We in this shit
You, you know
Who you are
Watching from a far
In that leather chair
With that mingled gray hair
Give us what we deserve
Our place on this earth
New Orleans
Is our city
Not someplace
Looking for pity
We are black
Not like the great state
Of Florida
The one that gives all tha orders after
All their disasters
You couldn't make there any faster
But us nothing
You call us those poor
Black bastards
Opened eyes of the
But still
All this hatred
The best thing that eva happened to me
I'm a Survivor

Written by Shanequa Stevenson


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