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Sitting here in front of this slot machine watching everyone gamble and my thoughts start to ramble

About a few things
So I order a long Island ice tea
my thoughts shiift
to sultry thoughts of you and me

Like how nice it would be
to make hot passionate love while out at sea

Yea I'm thinking about you and me
and all of the possibilities

Now on drink number two
and all the things I would like to experience with you
comes flowing through my mind
like the cool breeze of the dark night out at sea
now I'm on drink three

my thoughts of you increase
and I'm starting to squirm in this chair
Dam it's getting wet down there

I've ordered drink number four
now I'm pissed cause I can't have...
more of what's in my mind
He'll I'm mad
cause I can't go lock myself in my room and touch myself
Until I cry out..
Yes baby yes... please...don't stop

Drink number 5
got me up and going to my room.
.Hell I got a shower head that will do..
.until that day comes...when it's just me and you..

Written by Stormy Nyghts


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