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ghetto reality

day light breaks across the ghetto and all is well
I go to school and laugh cuss scream and yell
study hard and lunch time comes
now is the time to have some fun
back to class and into the books
bell rings school is done I might just be off the hook

walk down the block and I see the lil homies slangin dope
I got on some fresh shit
he pulls a gun and points it to my head
"Nigga...give me ya shoes and coat or else ya ass is dead!"

I hurry home do my homework and head out to play
I gotta get all the fun I can
Cause when the street lights come on
it ends my day

eat dinner, bathe and get ready for bed
hurry to turn the lights out and get on the floor
cause bullets begin to fly over my head
police sirens in the distance
and the dogs in the hood begin to howl
I fall asleep wondering
when will it all stop cause this shit is fowl

wake up the next day and head to school
only to find i'm missing one friend too few
he never had a chance
cause into his body 3 bullets flew

two weeks pass and I see my friend at last
laid out in his Sunday best
peaceful look upon his face
as his coffin lowered into the ground
I thought of my friend
and asked myself.could I be next?

Written by Stormy Nyghts


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