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Solitude (Ode to Billie Holiday)

Life is full of struggles and sometimes a bitch.
This dam coke habit is getting hard to kick.
Got my mind playing tricks or so I think.

Can't explain why I'm standing on this corner trying to get my next fix.
Horns blow and I'm half dressed.
We haggle over prices for pleasure..
I ask for $10 & I got $5...
caused for time I am pressed.

The deed is done and my high is near.
My mind is filled with greed and no thoughts of fear.
As my high ends
I look down at my arm and what do I see...
My life represented by tracks that start to seep from me.

My mind jumps and begins to react.
Slowly, day by day, my mind begins to crack.
Now as the needle pushes through my skin
and the drugs flow through my veins....
in my all white jacket...
arms tied behind my back...
safely inside my padded room..
I begin my trip into my world of solitude.

Written by Stormy Nyghts


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