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Love Letter

Dear Lover,

I saw you today and I begin to think of things of the past.
Why is it that today you look so sad?
I thought back to the person who laughed at life and all that it brought forth.
Remember how we used to take walks in the rain in the middle of the night?
Or go for ice cream late at night, just because?

When did you let life wear you down?
Was it when you met fool #1?
Fool #1 had your mind going.
Told you that I didn't matter anymore and that you could do better without me.
You pushed me aside and said kick back and enjoy the ride.

I fought and struggled and decided to take the back seat, cause after all you weren't havin' it.
Fool #1 stole your joy.
Remember when you used to spend time writing to me about your hopes and dreams?
All the things that we talked about doing together in the future?

Fool #1 had you running to me with tears in your eyes.
Wasn't I the one who dried your tears and gave you a shoulder to cry on?
Remember when I told you to leave and never look back?

Yea, you took my advice then.
But you slowly drifted off again.
Fool # 2 entered the picture and once again you put me on hold.

Fool #2 stole your self-esteem.
Had you feeling all down and blue.
Even had the nerve to beat you a time or two.

Again, I stepped in to try to pick you up.
I told you to kick that fool to the side and begin to love you.

All was well until fool #3.
That's the longest that you've ever abandoned me.
Fool #3 stole your pride.
Had you doing things that I would never imagine you to do.

Remember that time when Fool #3 had you turn a trick or two?
Just didn't even do that shit for you.

Now here I am again....your broken pieces i'm trying to mend.
I ask you, when will this madness end?
How many times do I have to tell you that I am your one and only true friend?
I'll never judge you and I will love you till the end.

Now as you stand in front of the mirror and my reflection is what you see...
I'll ask you this one question....When will you start loving me?

Written by Stormy Nyghts


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