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I'm the shit!
Nice way to start this poem huh?

5'5 with dark brown eyes
That looks deeper than most care to pry
Personality that can brighten the darkest day
Pretty ass smile bright as the Milky Way
Intelligent and down to earth
I'm an ebony goodness that knows her worth

Yea I know I'm the shit!

Pleasant and quiet on any given day
That is until drama steps my way
Attitude unfurled like that of Hurricane Katrina
Leaving you in awe and wonderment
Go ahead.taste my dust

Bruthas step to me with plenty of game
And when questioned an hour later
they can't even remember my name
Don't be upset and confused
when your lies have been exposed
I have no time for games
I'll leave that to a pimp and his hoes

I have tons of finesse and lots of sass
And enough common sense
not to shake my ass

For that all mighty dollar
Sistah girl wake up and open your eyes
You are most valued and the perfect prize
Respected in ways yet untold
The birth of the nation from your womb unfolds
Giving birth to future kings and queens that will accomplish things yet unseen

You see good loving is hard to come by
And my liquid honey is sure to satisfy

His thirst
make him holler
Late night..
cause you see.
My love
is just like my heart and soul ... priceless
Yea I know.I'm the shit
Confident in my walk
Poetic with my talk
James Brown said it best:
'Say it loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud!"
So I raise my fist
proudly as I profess
'I'm a true Queen and nothing less."

Yea I know.I'm the shit and so dam arrogant.

Written by Stormy Nyghts


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