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I opened my eyes this morning with the realization “its not going to work”
You to me sometimes seem like a jerk
I gave you my heart
You ripped it up and tore it apart
Lie after lie after lie
Thinking of what we were I begin to cry
What do I c in u
Day after day I’m always always blue
This love is not true
Ad least not between us two
My life was much simpler
You know b4 there was u
I’m not happy not happy at all
Mmm no not with you
I’m not what u want hmm
Not even what u need
I’ve been USED used I tell you
Not to mention Abused
I’m letting you go
Go…. to where u want to be
Like I said b4 mmm mmm mmm
You know not with me
Love is blind,
True and kind
Not 2 b filled with the pain
Of disappointment 1.. 2 …3 ….at a time
To be love is something beautiful
To be used MMM
Blindsided oh… and not to mention
Abused….. Is not worth the heart ache
Not worth the pain
If I let u go WHAT what will I gain
A new me yeesss yes a NEW me!
A me to love mmm hmmm
Loving myself
I have shut out the pain
Whoooo that pain ….caused by you
DAY…. after DAY…….after DAY
I’m closing the door
You remember that door u opened in my heart
That was once filled with u…. yea you b4
U tore it apart…
God gives the ability to love
What u did to me
Mmm DID 2 me
One day you’ll see
But, until then I’m setting you free
So b gone
Yesssss be gone
Out of my life
On about your business
Out of my site
I’m letting you go
Mmm letting you go I say
On with my life to start a BRAND NEW DAY………………………………...

Written by LaShanda Sumner


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