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A sense of security , is what you give to me
Love, kindness and passion I deliver to you calmly
No aches, pains or worries enter my heart when you are near
A strong, confident yet humble man, is how you appear
My heart is now open to you and is yours when you call
My eyes beam, my face glows & glistens as I fall
Deeper and deeper in love with you ……
Not to mention, the sincerity of your words
Have me high, to the point I feel I am flying (sigh…) yes like the birds
You to me are the essence of what a MAN should be
You shine like a million diamonds in the sunlight to me
Your honesty in Evolution of a grown a** MAN
Who know his place in his life and has a plan
Slowly I began to believe in you
Trusting your every word to be true
Letting go of those bags I chose to keep close by
Replacing them love, bringing tears to my eyes
Years of hurt, mistrust and pain rolled off in an instant
Leaving me vulnerable & trusting like an infant
Not only an I happy
I’m also confident and secure with out worry
I thank GOD for you and what you mean to me………………………………

Written by LaShanda Sumner


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