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as I open my eyes
my soul cries
to give you praise
every day and allways
to lift my heart
to ensure we'll never part
see without you
My soul wouldn't understand what to do
my heart and soul have risen
lifting out of its prison
with every breath I take
life is one gift I will not forsake
to be loved unconditionally
touches me deeply
which i'll never fully understand
before I knew u, my life was allready planned
I just needed to make the right choice
bow my head and lift my voice
giving praise to the all mighty
who is with outfault & holy
the sun shines down on my face
I recognize the beauty of this place
which was created for us to see
to live for him with inner peace
thanking God for a chance
to prove my love, grow and enhance
Im going to make it
because I have you to walk and grow with
holding me close
pushing me forward to expose
a faithful servant in the making
giving you praise
even in these last days
I am thankfull to see
all you have created me to be
I love you lord

Written by LaShanda Sumner


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