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What is shorty gonna do?
With a heart of bricks
And a tongue on fire
No trust, no love
For those
Who don't fill his desire
If looks could kill
He'd waste you
His swagger leaves you without words
I swear his touch could maim you
Most seductive voice you ever heard

But you can look inside his eyes
And see his soul is crying
Tough guy on the outside
When inside all is dying
That smile that spreads across his lips
Is no longer sincere
What's probably going through his head
Is "what am I doing here?"
His actions are so shameless
And without a doubt
Quite dangerous
But it never stops him from plotting
Always making moves no stopping
How could you look at him
And not understand
That making money
Is his only plan

And when it goes back to the day
When he didn't have a dream
How was he living?
And when you talk to him
With his country slang
Don't all his sins seem forgiven?
See I know this man
He has a way with words
So good
He could sell the sky to the birds

To him grindin is all there is
He said it takes a nigga with skill...
So many thoughts and so many risks
He said it takes strength and a will...
How in the world could you be living any other way?
Where would the jugs go if HE aint have the rocks
How could you really make ends from day to day?
And how you a hustla if you aint there round the clock
When you ask him when have you done enough?
He says never
And when asked why he does it
He says making money is pleasure
Shorty is tough, tough indeed
Making money brings power
But after power comes greed

See he doesn't see that his ways are flawed
He doesn't know that someone cares
He goes through life just thinking that nobody's there
All his life he's been let down...
He says that after all these years and all the tears
It should be him wearing a crown
Shit don't you know what he's been through?
Can't you see the fire in his eyes
Don't you know all the people he's lost?
And how he cut off all the ties
He don't need nobody now
Can't you see he's doing good?
Maybe you don't remember
When he came up in the hood
All the niggas give him props
No matter where he lives
Because no matter where he's at
It's a known fact
The work he'll quickly give

He don't care because he's cutthroat
One of the baddest in the game
And if you ever were to meet him
He'd gladly say the same
He says hustlin's in his blood
Takin over like the plague
If he couldn't make money
He'd go into a rage
He said he'll trap till he dies
And when it's all over
His dough'll be stacked to the sky
Never met a nigga with so much drive
He's says he wont be held down
And he's coming back early
And when he gets here
No regrets
The games gonna get dirty

Written by Eldica Taylor


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