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How Beautiful

How beautiful
The sun-kissed skin
The gleaming eyes
That light up the night
Like fireflies
How beautiful
The sweet lips
Like blood red oranges
Fresh plucked
The mellifluous form
How beautiful
Each step is more like a glide
Into a ray of light
The skin soft like rose petals
Across your lips
The form is sexy
It oozes "I love you" and "I care"
Its arms entrap you in I'll always be there"
The form is graceful
It moves like a silk scarf on the wing
Limbs long and languid, creeping
How beautiful
The silhouette of the form
Smooth lines that curve over hills and valley
Smooth lines that trace her glory
How beautiful
The voice that spills over the sweet lips
Bringing a sweet melodies to his sweet senses
He can feel the vibration
See the lips parted
Smell the fragrant air around her
Taste the sweet lips
Hear the melody
Such an elaborate meaning for his words
How Beautiful

Written by Teddy


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