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Bang Baby Bang

Hey policeman! Why do you carry a gun? to shoot me in the
back if I start to run ... or is it because you are a frightened man?
Do you go to bed with your woman
with your gun in your hand?
Hey policeman why do you carry a gun? to kill us off if we
don't obey? to mass murder us the legal way ... or is it
'cause you're a uniformed criminal
and for you crime does pay?
Tell us policeman why do you all carry guns?
can't you enforce the law without a gun?
are you afraid of the public, thus need one?
does a gun give you power of life and death?
Okay policeman I'll carry a gun myself
I'll carry a gun to protect me from you
so when we dispute / we both will know / exactly what to do
Bang baby bang!

Written by Ted Joans (1928-2003)


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