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  So here we are today living under new grace an thanking the Lord for a new day, even with the
problems that we face and can't really place. Head spinning, stomach churring, and my heart burning.
Can't fight the urge to curve my nerves and give the world what it deserve.

  So I smoke some herbs, and write a few words to express me or what I can see. How people manipulate
or debate instead of having a grown conversation and try to relate. Our kids we need to bring them in
because like this we won't win, this gen is only worried about fitting in, staying a ten, and what club they
can get in. Fuck the friends and new trends put them babies on BLACK again! Don't pretend you don't
know when people stoop ten toes an never fold, when the hood had your back when you hopped them
tracks, it was a G code these kids only know yolo

Written by Tajamia Terry (aka... T3)


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