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why my heart cries

  The way he stare Into my eyes, is the same way I gaze at the sky! Just now being able to live again, I
mean really breathe again. He inhaled me and I exhaled him, I'm really knee deep but here is the tea.

  One day I'm walking and he come up to me asking me about some weed you know trees and instead
ended up finding a friend indeed! We became unstoppable, even with the haters trying to rip us apart!
The first day after he walked me home nothing and noone else really mattered to me.

  We on some Bonnie and Claude type shit moon rocks and no whip, popping skittles and a 5th we
gettin lit just sharing our stories and shit and this here is what started it!

  Our first kiss! I just knew he had to be mine, with all my broken feelings to the side! No lies, you took
your time! Fucked around and grabbed my heart too ,which is crazy because that bitch was a push start

  But as guarded as I was you still got in and the fact I love how you have me tweaking and pleading,
have me wet and leaking when you go off the deep in! You be having the neighbours trying to peak in
because they think im seziuring!

  But let me tell you this ain't the end, its been 3 months Aye let's not pretend but damn I can say im in
love with this man!

Written by Tajamia Terry (aka... T3)


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